Shauna White Piano Tuition & Accompaniment



I'm looking for a piano teacher.  Do you teach all ages?

Yes, I teach children and adults of all ages.  I would suggest 7 as an appropriate age to start.


Do I need a piano?

You will need an instrument on which to practise.  A piano in decent working order or a touch sensitive keyboard with weighted keys is best, but a basic keyboard will suffice to begin with.


Where are you based?

I am just off the Gilford Road in Portadown.


Could you travel to me?

Lessons are normally held in my own home, but in special circumstances I could travel. Fees would differ from my normal rates.


How long will a lesson be?

Lessons will normally last 30 minutes, but as a pupil becomes more advanced 45 minutes or an hour may be preferable.  I usually recommend 30 minute lessons up to Grade 5.


How much do you charge?

My charges vary depending on the standard of the pupil and the length of the lesson.  Please contact me with any enquiries.


Are you Access NI checked?

Yes.  Details are available for inspection on request.


Can I sit in on my child's lessons?

While nomally I say "yes, but not indefinitely" the situation is different at present given the current COVID restrictions.  Parents must remain outside my house for the duration of the lesson.


How can I help my child to progress more quickly?

If you're not a musician yourself supporting your child's musical development may seem daunting.  Taking an interest is a great first step, as children are naturally keen to please.

Listen, comment and encourage, and don't be afraid to ask me questions.


How much practice is required?

The most important thing about practice is to make sure it is done on a regular basis.

 "Little and often"  is the key - a small amount of practice every day is much more effective than two hours crammed in just before the lesson!  For a young beginner even ten minutes per day can be very productive.


What are your qualifications?

As well as a Bachelor of Music primary degree, I hold a Postgraduate Diploma and Advanced Postgraduate Diploma (with distinction) from Trinity College of Music, and ATCLs in piano performance and horn performance.


I've always wanted to play the piano.  Am I too old to learn?

Absolutely not!  There are many advantages to learning at a later stage in life.  Currently I have several adult pupils, some returning to it after learning as a child, and others complete beginners.  


I'd like to learn for pleasure.  Do I have to take exams?

That is entirely up to you!  Whilst I believe in exams as a measure of progress and a good motivational tool I do not push my pupils into taking them.


Do you teach music theory?

Yes.  Theory is an important part of my teaching, going hand in hand with technique and musicianship.  My pupils build up a good understanding of the theory of music as they learn.  I can also offer separate lessons for those preparing for Grade 5 theory exams.


How do I pay?

I prefer bank transfer but I accept cash or cheques also.


I need an accompanist for my child's music exam.  Can you help?

Absolutely!  I thoroughly enjoy working with pupils both before their exam and on the day.  A good accompanist can make a huge difference to your exam result, as well as being a familiar supportive face in the exam room!